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A Writer I Hoped to Be

By Dave Freedman

Oh, I hoped to be a writer

And wield a mighty pen.

If only my prose were tighter,

A writer I’d have been.

Well, my penmanship’s not sloppy,

But upon me it’s incumbent

To tighten up my copy

And be much less redundant.

My grammar, it’s precisely

Correct and quite precise.

But I’d do so much more nicely

If I wouldn’t say things twice.

If I would be constrained

To singularly averring,

I’d merrily refrain

From repetitively referring.

But I cannot seem to master

The art of being concise.

And I’d improve a whole lot faster

If I wouldn’t say things twice.

But whenever I’ve created

A sentence full of thunder,

It had to be restated

Immediately thereunder.

Yes, whenever I’ve asserted

A sentence all aglow,

It had to be reworded

Immediately below.

I just can’t bear deleting

My duplicative quotes.

My sin, it bears repeating,

Is reiterated notes.

Oh, I hoped to be a writer;

That once was my ambition.

My future’d seem much brighter

But for the repetition.

© 1997 Dave Freedman

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